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Kiwi Dive Resort and House Reef

Diving Siquijor Island at Kiwi Dive Resort house reef is truly amazing. Peaceful and quiet. Kiwi was a wonderful host for our vacation. The sunsets are truly stunning night after night.

Kiwi Dive Resort Philippines View Before Sunset

A quick look around Kiwi Dive Resort, Siquijor Island just before sunset!

A Quick Sunset at Kiwi Dive Resort - Siquijor Island

Kiwi Dive Resort, Siquijor, Philippines has the most beautiful sunset in the world!

The Calm Water on the Beach at Kiwi Dive Resort

Kiwi Dive Resort, Siquijor, Philippines has the calmest water! It is great for families! Check out these "monster" waves, flimed at sea level!
Kiwi Dive Resort - Scuba Diving Philippines

Siquijor Island - Philippines - Videos

Siquijor Official Tourism Video

A good overview video of Siquijor. Produced by the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Motorcycling around Siquijor, Philippines

Kiwi Dive Resort, Siquijor, Philippines has motorcycles for rent and you can take a ride like this one! Explore and discover the beauty of Siquijor Island!

Cliff Jumping in Siquijor, Philippines

While Staying at Kiwi Dive Resort... Take a leap of faith at Salagdoong Beach! Jumping off a cliff will surely get your heart pumping!

Fall in Love with Cambugahay Falls

One of the favorite attractions in Siquijor Island is the Cambugahay Falls where the whole family can enjoy swimming , diving and natural hydro massage or just appreciating the beauty of nature.

Go Underground! Explore the Cantabon Cave in Siquijor Island.

If you are up to it elploring the Cantabon Cave is a real adventure. Kiwi Dive Resort can arrange everything for you!
Kiwi Dive Resort - Scuba Diving Philippines